Released for Android in March 2014

Enjoy this real-time strategy game from the far future! Design robots, destroy enemies, capture buildings, learn new technologies and get back your homeworld.

Game Features:
- 25 missions - first six of them are FOR FREE. All missions are available after upgrade
- Design robots with several types of chassis, weapons and addons
- Upgrade your skills for experience points

This game does not hold a line with masterpieces like Dune II or C&C. It uses a different game aproach which is closer to a (g)old classic like Nether Earth or "Z".


Here are links to some reviews of RoboZone:
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The game is available as free version with ads. It can be upgraded to full version using in-app payment within the application. List of full version addons:
1) All 25 maps (only 6 in free version)
2) no Ads

Link to android market is here: