Sea Empire: Winter Lords

Released for Android in December 2011

How long can you stand so harsh winter? Will you be able to provide your people with enough food?
Sea Empire: Winter Lords is real-time strategy game. It is a special edition of Sea Empire above. It has different gameplay even it is based on mining resources, building ship fleet and conquering islands too.
So what make it different from original Sea Empire? Ok, the gameplay. The "food" resource is introduced. And you can build several villages without need of complete fortresses on every island before.

Sea Empire: Winter Lords is suitable for tablet displays.


The game is available as free version with ads and ad-free version. The maps and gameplay are exactly the same. The only difference is in maximum number of islands at random generated maps (the maximum of 40 in ad-free version instead of 20 in free version). When you buy ad-free version you will support developement of the next version of our games. Links to android market are here:


How to play:

The goal:
The goal of the game is to get economical superiority and to build fortresses over the archipelagos (and/or complete other objectives).

Types of game:
You can choose from playing single maps or random generated map. To win each type of game you have to complete objectives (press phone button MENU and than choose "objectives" option). Most often objective is to build some number of fortresses in given amount of days. You can choose three difficulty levels.

Islands and resources:
To win this game you need to have enough resources (wood, stone, food, furs and money). The amount of your resources is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Wood, stone, fur and food can be mined on islands. Gold can be obtained by selling other resources. To mine regular resources (wood, stone, iron), select the ship and then click on the specific island.
There are special cases of islands (extra resources, food and fish). You can not build anything on such islands.
Most of the buildings and ships consumes food every day. If you run out of the food, your people will work very, very slowly! So it is very wise to avoid that situation.

You can settle down on some types of islands if you have enough resouerces. You need a Pinasse ship for this. Once you confirm building of a new village the Pinasse is disintegrated and used for building too. Then you are able to build several types of building on your islands:

The first building, which helps you to settle the island.
You can sell surplus resources there.

After building shipyard, you can build another ships.
Fisherman´s house
Fisherman brings small amount of food every day.

Miner´s house
Increase resource production on the island by 200%.
After building the fFortress on the island, you can build Pinasse ship!.

You can build new ships after you build shipyard. They differ in speed, capacity and cost.

The smallest and slowest ship.
Capacity 25, cost 200.
The most used type of ship.
Capacity 50, cost 400 and 2 food/day.
The biggest. Can settle new village.
Capacity 100, cost 800 and 4 food/day.


1) Q: Why this game need so much permission?
A: Because OpenFeint needs them (online achievements & ladders).

2) Q: Is there any way to conquer enemy island?
A: No, there is not.

3) Q: I can´t pass level XY. What´s wrong?
A: We do not know, but every level is beatable! Please read in-game help, choose other game difficulty or try to find different strategy to finish goals of the map.

If You have got another question, feel free to send us an email