Sea Empire

Released for Android in August 2011

Sea Empire is real-time strategy game based on mining resources, building ship fleet and conquering islands. Become a trader in wild times of fearless sailors and get domination above the archipelagos. Who can better use resources, faster build buildings and make better strategical decisions ... wins!

The game supports global Leaderboards and many Achievements using OpenFeint. Enjoy the game with your friends! Sea Empire is suitable for tablet displays.


The game is available as free version with ads and ad-free version. The maps and gameplay are exactly the same. The only difference is in maximum number of islands at random generated maps (the maximum of 40 in ad-free version instead of 20 in free version). When you buy ad-free version you will support developement of the next version of our games. Links to android market are here:


How to play:

The goal:
The goal of the game is to get economical superiority above your opponents and to build fortresses over the archipelagos.

Types of game:
You can choose from playing single maps, random generated map or play campaign. To win each type of game you have to complete objectives (press phone button MENU and than choose “objectives” option). Most often objective is to build some number of fortresses in given amount of days. You can choose three difficulty levels.

Islands and resources:
To build fortresses on islands, you need to have enough resources (wood, stone, iron ore, steel and money). The amount of your resources is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Wood, stone and Iron ore can be mined on islands. To produce steel you need to build foundry on your island. Gold can be obtained by selling other resources. If you play campaign, you can get gold in pirate chace. To mine regular resources (wood, stone, iron), select the ship and then click on the specific island.
There are special cases of islands with extra resources. You can not build anything on such islands.

You are able to build several types of building on your islands during the game.

The first building, which helps you to settle the island.
You can sell surplus resources there.

After building shipyard, you can build another ships.
Converts iron to steel (ratio 2x iron = 1 iron). More foundry buildings produces more steel.

Miner´s house
Increase resource production on the island by 33%.
After building the fortress on the island, you can start building storehouse on another island.

You can build new ships after you build shipyard. They differ in speed, capacity and cost.

The smallest and slowest ship.
Capacity 25, cost 200.
The most used type of ship.
Capacity 50, cost 400.
The biggest one.
Capacity 100, cost 800.

Achievemetns and ladderboard:
During the game you can reach several achievements. You can get into achievements list by clicking "Achievements" button in the Main menu, or by clicking the icon. Total sum of the days spent in levels is sent to public ladder. You can search your world position by clicking "Achievements" in main menu and then clicking "ladder" button.


1) Q: Why this game need so much permission?
A: Because OpenFeint needs them (online achievements & ladders).

2) Q: Is there any way to conquer enemy island?
A: No, there is not.

3) Q: AI is cheating!
A: No, AI does not cheat. But it has got some surplus resources at the begining because it has not as good tactical skills as a human player.

If You have got another question, feel free to send us an email