Star Colononies

Released for Android in June 2012 (beta released in April 2012)

Star Colonies is a real-time strategy game from deep space.Your task is to rule all the galaxy .
Colonize star systems, build different buildings, discover new technologies and build the most powerfull fleet to beat enemies!


Here are links to some reviews of Star Colonies:
Review on ,
If you like to write a review let us know. We will provide you with graphics and include link to your site back here when your review is published.


The game is available as free version with ads and FULL version without ads and lot of addons. List of full version addons:
1) 4x campaignes (1x in demo). We will publish fourth campaign till the end of June
2) ability to load custom maps from SD card (for editor questions see a paragraph below)
3) full career bonuses (limited in demo)
4) no Ads

Links to android market are here:


PDF Manual:

The game contains tutorial campaign, but we prepared a brief manual to the game also. You can download it from here .

Additional maps:

Here is the list of additional maps. If you create your own and want to share them with others, send us the link. (Or send us your maps with a permission to publish).

  • Quadrants (4 maps in zip file for direct download) by Greg C. ( Greg (at) )
Install instructions : Unpack archive and move XML files to your SD card into folder StarColonies/Maps/.
Additional maps can be loaded with FULL version only!

If you like these maps please send some nice letter to authors! :-)

Map editor:

We prepared STE application - editor for creating or modifing Star Colonies maps. Maps can be loaded with full version of Star Colonies game only . The editor is in beta version and maps are not checked, so it is possible to produce unplayable or buggy maps. If you want to create own maps, you can use on-line editor or download the SWF file. It is for free. Please note it is still in beta and there is not any help write us an e-mail if you encounter any difficulties.